Of all of these Big Questions principal to philosophical principles that surround existence, the universe and the whole lot, the nation-states of theology and religions and the character of deities continue to fascinate. Opinions proliferate in books, articles, films, conversations in bars and pubs, and in fact everywhere and everywhere or more human beings are in proximity. There’s the pro facet; there is the anti-facet. There are not too many fence-sitters. I’m in the anti-camp as the subsequent 1/3 installment of nonsecular brief portions illustrates.


Theological Dot Points

What Causes Religious Belief?

Do Science & Religion Conflict?

Arguments approximately God?

Fallacies in Arguing for God?

On The Concept of An All-Knowing God

Is There Life After Death?

Theological Dot PointsReligious Shorts

*Theology for the hundreds nowadays turns into the entertainment for the masses the following day. Think of The Olympians manner again when and Ancient Greek mythology these days, as an instance.

*Theology is each Earth-focused in addition to human-targeted. Yet in fact, Earth is set as minor a celestial object as you care to study each in time and in the area; humans also are pretty the minor entity, specifically in time vis-a-vis how lengthy Earth has existed in addition to how long the cosmos has existed. Therefore, theology, in cosmic (spatial and temporal) terms isn’t always great in any respect.

*Had you been born in a distinctive time and/or area, you would be singing the praises of Allah, Mohammed, and the Koran or possibly instead worshipping Isis, Horus, and Osiris, perhaps even The Aten. So, methinks your theological convictions are all a matter of the time and area, of the tradition and the society you were born into. It has not anything to do with theologically coming in the direction of truth!

*Not all of the foremost religions may be true, but all can be false. As has been famously mentioned, almost everybody these days dismisses the idea of many deities (plural) or polytheism. I simply pass that one greater backyard and brush aside the only deity that is left over as now not having any more credibility than the many deities which are now restricted to the rubbish bin that after upon a time held sway over the spiritual devoted.

*But has it ever actually came about to you that your complete theological residence-of-cards are just a made from the unintentional and random timing and site of your birth and related upbringing. Had you been born and raised and indoctrinated say a thousand years ago in Japan, Mexico, Australia, Indonesia, India or even what would grow to be the USA, you’d be singing a hugely distinct theological music with general conviction. You know that’s proper. Further, it is the maximum telling factor of all.

What Causes Religious Belief?

Are we tough-stressed for faith and notion in deities?

It might seem that humans on my own of all of the primates, far much less all of the rest of the higher mammals, are hard-stressed out to, if not uncritically believe in a spirit or supernatural reality, at the least have an intense and interest about the opportunity of one. [Even the most rabid of atheists must have an interest in the possible existence of deities and the supernatural in order to bucket that existence.] The proof for that is that almost every culture from the Year Dot via to the current holds such ideas or hobbies. There’s no evidence that chimpanzees, gorillas, monkeys, and related primates or different intelligent species like whales and dolphins and elephants, and so forth. Have a comparable notion or hobby in whatever theological. They do not seem to have nonsecular or spiritual stories.

Why have humans and people alone been singled out for this side of ‘truth’? Further, there is proof that parts of the human mind may be inspired to supply spiritual or nonsecular feelings, for oneness with a non-public God to an extra nebulous oneness with the cosmos. Also, people with temporal lobe epilepsy can ‘go through’ from hyper-religiosity.

Humans being singled out to have a spiritually willing mind make little feel from a herbal selection or biological evolutionary factor of view. A nonsecular body of thoughts does not help locate meals and refuge and a mate and keep away from predators, etc. It all makes little experience until this aspect of our intellectual being turned into programmed in from the word pass by means of either a genuinely actual supernatural deity or deities or else by means of my postulated Supreme Programmer who created our Simulated (Virtual Reality) Universe.
IMHO the Supreme Programmer has programmed into us an awareness that there is a Supreme Programmer – kind of like an artist signing their artwork!

Do Science & Religion Conflict?

Not all people are of route ethical, so it is no longer a regular. Many different animal species are moral or have ethical features. In reality in common, I’d propose animals tend to be manner more moral in their intra-species behavior than people are. Regardless, that indicates that there must be some evolutionary advantage in adopting a ‘golden rule’. When it comes down to survival, being moral and now not pissing a person else off more likely as now not will result in a benefit to you when the fertilizer hits the fan and you need an ally. Many an atheist is an upstanding citizen; many a religious believer can inflict the worst of cruelties on their fellows – do I genuinely should give you a history lesson to factor that out? Just don’t forget those ‘ethical’ human beings which might be component and parcel of the so-known as Islamic State. So, there will be a variety of dispute approximately our ethical compass.

We handiest have one instance of Planet Earth and one instance of the human body, so suggesting that Earth or the human body has complex complexity is arguing from a single statistics factor. Complexity, like splendor, is in the eye of the beholder. Some mathematics is quite complex to me; not complex at all to a person who has dedicated years of work mastering the challenge. Basic arithmetic is something exceedingly complex to my cats. No doubt they have to assume arithmetic is a gift from the gods because most effective a god may want to invent something so complicated.Even More Religious

The Earth and the human body are as complex as is needed to be with a purpose to exist inside the manner that it does – no more and no less. It isn’t always too difficult to imagine the Earth and the human frame as being vastly greater complicated than they’re. But anyone who has performed around with laptop programming generating ‘artificial lifestyles’ knows complete nicely that from very simple beginning parameters you may generate awesome complexity. No deity want to observe for the process. From quarks and electrons you could obviously generate atoms of hydrogen and oxygen; from hydrogen and oxygen you may certainly generate water; from the water, you could evidently generate ice and vapor; oceans and icebergs and rain. There’s nothing supernatural required.

It is not a well-known, therefore not a simple reality that we (as in one hundred% of us) yearn for all the same things. If anybody yearned for the precise equal things, but deep and crucial they’ll be, well that would be the kingdom of our civilization. It could be quite dull if absolutely everyone has been clergymen of eastern nonsecular faiths or philosophers or hippies and seekers of altered states of recognition. Not all of us wish to know what number of angels (now not that there are angels of direction IMHO) can dance on the top of a pin.

As for giving and getting, would you instead get a pay-take a look at or give your money to the tax-guy?

As a chunk of a postscript, with admire to anything degree of morality we humans have, it surely did not derive from God. God’s very own morality is non-existent if you trust the Old Testament. God is the best amazing-villain ever conceived of by people, which isn’t always in any respect unlikely given that God became created in the image of man. What’s an awesome camp-hearth tall tale without a villain to make the narrative interesting? Fortunately, the Biblical Old Testament is only a camp-fireplace tall story. It’s simply myths and fairy-stories penned and instructed by way of grown-u.S.A.For grown-ups. There is not any causality between the dearth of morality inside the fictional stories of God and the on-once more, off-once more morality of the human species.

Arguments about God?

1) When it comes right down to supplying arguments for the existence of God, I find definitely remarkable the declaration through nonsecular truth seeker Alvin Plantinga that “Well, to start with I’d like to reiterate – I do not suppose you need arguments. I assume you can be perfectly practical, rational, reasonable, justified, intellectually ok, assembly your duties, etcetera, believing in God without believing on the premise of arguments even if you don’t suppose there are any right arguments. I assume that’s how honestly the majority do believe in God and I assume it truly is a superbly right manner.”

Excuse me, however, if you propose the life of something, something, then the load is on you to offer at the minimal some evidence even in case you cannot provide evidence. Evidence can be intellectual as inside the form of arguments, however, you would better offer something to lower back up your notion. Plantinga does then offer arguments, however most effective after being prodded to do so. He’d as an alternative simply use his fallback position that you do not want any arguments to consider within the lifestyles of God. Of course, I’ve come to except such nonsense from theologians or philosophers who dabble in religious philosophy. What a crock of bovine fertilizer it’s miles to a country that XYZ exists without the need to returned up your declare. Obviously, the Earth is flat and I do not need any arguments to again that up!

2) The obvious first-rate-tuning of the legal guidelines, ideas and relationships of physics that translates right into a bio-pleasant cosmos is certainly compelling proof that there’s an intelligence in the back of it all, despite the fact that most of the cosmos is bio-unfriendly. However, instead of postulate a supernatural intelligence, I advocate the odds favor a flesh-and-blood intelligence, in fact, a computer programmer that has designed a Simulated (Virtual Reality) Universe, and we’re component and parcel of that simulated landscape. That simulation would of direction need to be nice-tuned to allow for a habitable albeit digital landscape, inside the actual equal manner as our video games are pleasant-tuned so that it will make the sports-gambling logical in its depiction of ‘truth’. Fine-tuning might be an issue for intelligence, however, it is not of necessity an argument for God.

Fallacies in Arguing for God?

There are dozens and dozens of biographies and other ancient accounts approximately well-known individuals like Archimedes, Plato, Homer, Aristotle, Julius Caesar, Cleopatra, Alexander the Great, Attila the Hun, Ramesses the Great, Tutankhamun, and so on down the road. Now you’ll word that those books by no means quote those people. They don’t say something like “Cleopatra said”, except they absolutely wrote or carved a few assertion or inscription down. You can rattle off many “Jesus stated” rates; what number of prices do you understand for any or all the different above historical figures?

Now I’m no longer aware or I do not do not forget Jesus having actually penned any document that has survived, no longer carved any inscriptions in stone – unlike Daddy, though for some strange purpose those dual petroglyphs of His authorship don’t seem to be in the public area anymore, or in a museum. So, when it comes to “God stated” or “Jesus said”, something is, in reality, screwy someplace.

I suggest there aren’t any qualifiers in the Bible approximately what God said or Jesus stated. You don’t get words like “supposedly said” or “allegedly stated” or “may have said” or “ought to have stated based on… ” or “can also have said his view that” or “or phrases to that impact”. What God said or Jesus stated isn’t in doubt which is extra than simply barely anomalous.

Now right here’s some quite stable proof the New Testament, just like the old, is a complete fabrication – a piece of fiction, or alternatively perhaps the arena’s first anthology of myth tales. Now inside the New Testament (Matthew four: 1-eleven; Luke four: 1-13), we find Jesus going walkabout inside the barren region for forty days and nights. I might have been more inspired if it had been for 39 days and nights or 41 days and nights, however simply every other Biblical forty is in order that unoriginal, but that’s another topic. Anyway, Jesus did not absolutely lack for organization, as he and the Devil had a bit of a chin-wag. Quotes are quoted regarding their conversation. Now, did the Devil act as a scribe for Jesus; did Jesus act as a scribe for the devil? Who changed into taking notes and recording this verbal interaction? The odds are there were no pens and pencils put to the paper out there within the desolate tract, so there may be no exact quotations of the Jesus-Devil alternate. That suggests that someone somewhere made all of it up out of complete cloth, simply as the characters in novels have conversations given in citation marks.

On The Concept Of An All-Knowing God

Assuming there is one of these beings as an all-understanding (omniscient) Maximally Great Being (i.E. – God), this would advise among different matters that:

If you are all knowing then you understand the beyond, the present, and the future as properly considering you’ll be able to, being all-understanding, use the all Omni-know-how of the present to predict the future perfectly.

If God is all-knowing, God has to see what you see; flavor what you taste; odor what you odor; pay attention what you listen; feel what you feel each bodily and mentally. God may not suppose what you’re questioning, however, He would know what you are questioning, what you have thought about, and what you may think about. You can not even disguise from God in your goals. God would know everything it truly is on your unconscious mind and understands other things about you want how loudly you snore and understand all approximately the intimate details of your numerous frame odors. Multiply that database by each organism, no longer simply people that have ever lived, lives now and could ever live.

God knows why I selected a blue tie over a pink tie despite the fact that the cause for that preference is buried in my unconscious and I haven’t any actual aware expertise of why I made that preference.

Now practice that precept to every and each human who has ever lived lives now and could ever stay. This principle could also be prolonged similarly down into the animal country.

God knows what number of hairs are on my cat from daily; second-to-moment. That similarly applies to each cat (beyond, present and future) and in reality all animals which have hair or fur.

God might recognize the kingdom of the health of each and every one in all your body cells and by way of extension each and every cell of each multicellular creature that changed into, is, or ever may be. The same applies to all of those micro-organisms past, gift, and destiny. That’s trillions upon trillions of cells to note and log.

God knows which sperm cellular(s) will score the landing(s) for every and every concept, human or otherwise, that ever became, is, or could be.

In seeming defiance of the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, God knows the precise role and pace of every and every fundamental particle within the entire cosmos from nanosecond to nanosecond and has immediate don’t forget of the country that existed for any particle at any time within the beyond and what is going to be within the destiny.

God knows every typo and misprint in every e-book, newspaper, magazine, letter, Internet weblog, and so forth. In each written language that ever becomes, is or could be. Of course, God has dedicated to memory every e-book, newspaper, mag, letter, Internet weblog, etc. In each language.

God may want to beat everyone, everywhere, at any minutiae contest (beyond, gift or destiny).

God could examine and recognize any clinical health practitioner’s handwriting this is been scribbled on their prescriptions.

Take this each day morning situation:

– You wake up (God is aware of while) and also you go to the bathroom to take a morning piss. God is aware of the quantity you surpassed as well as the range of molecules of each chemical compound that turned into the present in addition to how long you took from beginning to finish and what it smelled like. God also is aware of if you then washed your palms! (God additionally knows that identical info for my cats in their morning foray to their muddle field aside from the hand-washing of course.)

– Then you take a morning shower. God knows the temperature of the water; how many drops of water got here out of the shower head; what your invoice for that water will be; what the number of bacteria got washed down the drain, the species of every and whether or not they survived. He also knows what emblem of cleaning soap you used, how a good deal you used, what it cost, and in which you obtain it from.

– When you get dressed He is aware of in case you placed on clean undies or now not!

– Does God actually need to recognize whether or not you had eggs or cereal for breakfast and in that case how you had your eggs or what brand of cereal you dished out? God could additionally realize the temperature of your morning coffee (or tea) at the beginning sip and at very last swallow.

By the manner, you might have to add in all the nitty-gritty details of any and all possible extraterrestrial life bureaucracy into God’s databank as properly.

Are you getting the influence that those are examples of Information Overload taken to extremes? Isn’t this scenario of an all-understanding Maximally Great Being no longer just getting a chunk out of hand, however, getting quite darned ridiculous to boot?

But the icing on the all-knowledge cake is that God could NOT neglect something, ever, otherwise, He wouldn’t be all-understanding (omniscient) anymore. Isn’t that a curse in preference to a blessing?

Is There Life After Death?

The philosophical logic of or at the back of Ockham’s Razor way that one shouldn’t pile on hypothesis after assumption after speculation after assumption for you to provide an explanation for something. Stick with the information and preserve it simple, stupid!

Applying Ockham’s Razor to the Afterlife:

Fact: You have a frame and no debate wants to be entered into regarding that commentary.

Fact: You have an essence and no debate wants to be entered into regarding that statement.

Fact: You will die and no rebate need be entered into regarding that future remark.

Fact: Your frame will decay away and no debate wants to be entered into concerning that future commentary.

Speculative Assumption: Your essence will leave your dead frame at the time of death and debate need to be entered into concerning that destiny possibility.

Speculative Assumption: Your essence will unite with any other living frame (reincarnation) and debate want to be entered into concerning that future opportunity.

Speculative Assumption: Your essence is going immediately to an afterlife location and debate need to be entered into regarding that destiny opportunity.

Speculative Assumption: Your essence will rejoin your authentic body when it is resurrected and move at once to an afterlife place and debate want to be entered into concerning that future possibility.