Nowadays, not only My Live Updates¬†professionals of the mass media industry are invited to press conferences and product launches. Even in a small country in Asia like the Philippines, big companies such as Coca-Cola and Unilever have invested in events catered to Filipino bloggers in hopes of promoting their products. These events are called bloggers’ parties, and not product launches like some of them turn out to be. Formal invitation is not necessary, but online registration is needed to be eligible in joining raffles and contests.

In these bloggers’ parties, freebies of the product being promoted are given away to bloggers and their guests. Also, there are contests with great prizes. As of late, the prize of choice is the iPhone.

For bloggers and marketers alike, events like this are still quite new. The lure of fun, freebies, and connections attract bloggers to attend, while wider exposure to their product’s target market is the aim of marketers. These are easy to achieve through bloggers’ parties, but there are details that marketers might take for granted about bloggers. There are also things that bloggers might forget about themselves. Just a few oversights of such details and things will go very, very wrong.

Bloggers are also ordinary people, even if some of them seem extraordinary in their blogs. Freebies, new contacts, and the possibility of fun are enough reasons for bloggers to go to bloggers’ parties, but they should pick their events. If they don’t pick the events that they attend, there’s a chance of being sorely disappointed. One of the facts of life is that a disappointed blogger will result to negative posts about the event or product, or no post at the very best.

Which leads us to the details that marketers must always remember when dealing with bloggers’ parties: bloggers are their own bosses, their own editors, and their own publishers. They write uncensored. Their medium is not restricted, and their audience reach is vast. Event organizers must be careful in disseminating the details about their bloggers’ parties. They must be truthful, specific, and they should include what bloggers should expect in their events. This is the only way that bloggers can pick the events that they really want to attend.

Remember what every blogger knows: a happy blogger results to positive posts and good feedback.