Salt is bad for your health does you think? You could change your mind by practicing halotherapy. An unusual therapeutic method based on natural salt. What is this therapy and what are its benefits for the body and mind?

A little history

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250 million years ago, all of Eastern Europe was covered by a sea. During a global warming, it evaporated, thus allowing the earth to absorb the thick layer of salt that s was deposited there. These salt deposits were then exploited in the nineteenth century. Very quickly, the doctors of the time found that the miners who worked there were less affected by respiratory problems than the other workers of the time. As a result of these findings, wellness centers exploiting the benefits of salt have developed in many of these salt mines. For the salt cave Toronto this is the best deal now.

Nowadays, salt caves have been created from scratch.

What is halotherapy?

Halotherapy is a form of natural therapy practiced in a cave of natural salt crystals. The cave created from scratch reproduces the same microclimate with a high concentration of salt as a cave of natural salt. Halotherapy tends to improve health and bring a better quality of life. In this salt chamber, the salt crystals completely cover the room from the wall to the ceiling. The air is pure, without bacteria and allergens.

Halotherapy for the body

Care with salt is recommended for respiratory problems or dermatological diseases. Indeed, this therapy is an effective and fast way against respiratory problems (asthma, bronchitis or pneumonia). It also prevents colds and sinusitis. In addition, this natural salt method eliminates toxins while strengthening the immune system.

During a session of halotherapy, you will breathe only sea air. This air concentrated in minerals, trace elements and negative ions penetrates the bronchi and relieves the airways. The skin is also impregnated with salt particles. This beneficial effect softens, purifies and heals it. Halotherapy is a good complement to the treatment and prevention of arterial diseases and vascular diseases such as hypertension, poor blood circulation, cardiovascular disease.

Halotherapy for the mind

Like a trip to the seaside, having a one-hour session of halotherapy is just as effective for recharging, relaxing and feeling good in your body. The salt cave is a cozy and warm place, lulled by a soft light. This atmosphere soothes the spirit. It improves the sleep as well as the faculties of attention and concentration. It is an effective way to fight against anxiety, depression or sadness. It stimulates the senses.

Good to know: it is contraindicated for people with hypotension and hyperthyroidism.

What are the benefits of salt?

The benefits of the sessions in the salt caves are attributed to the presence in the ambient air of minerals, trace elements and negative ions: magnesium, potassium, iodine, selenium, calcium, iron, zinc, copper, chromium, fluorine, lithium, silica, phosphorus, bromine, aluminum, vanadium, cobalt.